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"Fashion nowadays means sometimes to compromize for quantities over quality. With my own brand I can avoid compromizing and just stay strong with my ethical principles, with the only aim to try to create something beautiful and respectful. For the people, the environment and the animals. Also at home with my husband we try to live as conscious as possible: eating vegetarian, buying local food, using wood to heat, recycling water... just some small things that can help a future  better world" 


Orsola Bertini Curri



Knitted Love is a contemporary Slow Fashion Project, that integrates a new generation of eco-values into fashion products. 

Born from the need to activate a change on a global level, at Knitted Love we project the choice of quality over quantity, 

encouraging longevity over impulse and seeing the lasting beauty of things above all. 

We decided to be fair

to people:

the product cycle is short and transparent for everyone. In respect of traditions, all our items are hand-made or with hand-made details.

Knitters and suppliers are based very close to us, in Italy and/or Austria.

Women empowerment is very important for us and we are very happy to give our contribution to social projects. 

to animals:

we use only natural and/or organic yarns, certified mulesing-free wool and recycled cashmere from Italy

to the environment:

we promote local productions in order to reduce transport’s pollution, we do not use plastic and we recycle as much as we can. 

Because we truly believe that:  “Every drop makes an ocean” !  

We are proud to be a small, independent business, providing genuine alternatives and aiming for positive outcomes for all.  

In 2016, Knitted Love released its first collection of hand-knitted garments that has been

presented and sold in limited edition to a selected number of retailers.  


Come and be wrapped in the cosy embrace of Knitted Love!