The never stopping research of different ways to produce beautiful styles

with the less impact, brought KNITTED-LOVE to create

a special capsule of sweaters made with 100% RECYCLED CASHMERE.

Knitted-Love BASIC RECYCLED-CASHMERE SWEATERS are the answer to

a sustainable lifestyle

without compromising quality, softness, and a basic stylish look.

This product is unique in the market.

The crewneck shape sweaters are produced in Italy and realized

with pure Italian cashmere recycled fibers,

obtained exclusively from selected industrial knitwear cuttings.

The very particular detail is that the yarn is 100% CO2 free.

The most luxurious yarn is transformed in a 100% ecological fiber, without losing the incredibly soft touch and the brilliant colors. 


Unique hand-embroidered details and sentences make the sweaters even more unique.

The embroideries are Made in Italy, from women based in the Puglia region

specialized in the hand-stitching tradition.

All the sweaters are available also in basic colors, without hand-embroideries.


is knitted by the expert hands of women based in Italy and Austria,

using only the best quality of natural yarns.

Our chunky knitwear brand is fair to the people, to the environment, and to the animals. 

Slow, relaxing, loving movements give life to our special pieces,

making them lasting forever... like eternal Love!

We look forward to wrapping you in a cloud of softness!